Judge for 2018 Awards

Judith Waller née Baker

Judith Waller née Baker, MFA is a teaching artist who is a Professor of Art at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley in Menasha where she has worked since 1993. She has a history of working collaboratively with individuals from other disciplines, in particular, with the sciences. This collaborative work is present in her teaching, art projects, exhibitions and presentations that include gallery and planetaria shows. Show titles include: Layers: Places in Peril: An Art and Earth Science Collaborative Exhibition of Paintings and Text (co-produced with James A. Brey, PhD); small problems, BIG TROUBLE: An art and science gallery exhibition of seemingly small problems leading to Big Threats (co-produced with James A. Brey, PhD and twenty scientists); Emergence: Out of the Blue and into the Black (co-produced with John Beaver, PhD and Matt Turner, MM); Keeping Time: A Sight and Sound Poem (co-produced with John Beaver, PhD, Matt Turner, MM and others). Judith is currently working on a collaborative work entitled River Bookends: Headwaters, Delta and the Volumes of Stories in Between scheduled to open on the UW-Fox Valley campus on September 29, 2018.