Info for Accepted Artists

  • 2018 contracts and $120 booth fee are due by Thursday March 1st. Full refund for cancellation by Friday March 16th.

    Download contract here:  2018 contract.pdf

  • Show Hours: Sunday April 8th at UWSP Noel Fine Arts Center  10am-4pm 
  • "Thank You" buffet dinner for artists and sponsors on Saturday April 7th at 6pm at UWSP Newman Center Parish.
  • Saturday booth set-up from 3-7pm. You will not be allowed to set up between 7pm-10pm on Saturday. Artists can set up after 10pm-Midnight on Saturday. Please do not put out artwork Saturday night. Security will lock building doors at midnight, however UWSP Students have 24hr access into the building.

BOOTH SPACE NUMBERS: All booth numbers.pdf

BOOTH MAP: FoA booth map.pdf

If you need Publicity Material please download here:

foa poster-small

2018 print.pdf

foa postcard 1-up 2018 print.pdf

BOOTH SPACES: Booth spaces are approx. 8’ deep x10’ wide.  Due to  the organic floor plan, some spaces are wider and shallower than this.  If you have a display with fixed dimensions, please note on contract. We have very limited 10x10" spaces. Only booth displays with system simliar to Flourish Mesh Panel that require your tent frame will be given those 10x10"booth spaces.We have done our best to honor everyone’s space requests with the unique layout of the building. 


Artists can now set up from 3-7pm on Saturday April 7th.

ATTENTION: There is a change in the Saturday April 7th set-up time due to a music recital in Michelsen Hall at the Noel Fine Art Center on Saturday April 7th from 7pm-10pm.

Due to the recital in Michelsen Hall the university will not allow booth setup  during the hours of 7pm-10pm on Saturday due to noise concerns.

Unfortunately the following five booths can not set up from 3-7pm on Saturday and can set up only after 10pm on Saturday April 7th.  There is a recital reception in the area of the following booth numbers.These are the booths effected  13, 14, 17, 18, 19

Brenda Gingles: 13
Rita Troller: 14
Mark Hill: 17
Pam Bronk: 18
William Millonig:19
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. You will be able to store your display in room 290 (near your booth locations) if brought before 5:30PM. Otherwise your setup can resume at 10pm on Saturday or Sunday at 6:30am. The show starts at 10 am on Sunday. Download map here to see area that can not set until 10pm on Saturday. NO EARLY SET UP FoA booth map.pdf
The past 44 years the university only allowed artists to set up on Sunday morning. It has only been the past two years the university allowed the Festival of the Arts artists to set up after 7:30pm on Saturday.
The Artist and Sponsor dinner is from 6-7:30pm at the UWSP Newman center. Please be aware that all FoA council members will be at the dinner from 5:30-7:30pm. There will be no assistance at the Noel Fine Art Center during those times.

The FoA Council does not get the reserved Noel Fine Art Center space until Saturday April 7th at Noon. The Council will be taping booth spaces and setting up from Noon-3Pm on Saturday.

LOCATION: Noel Fine Arts Center 1800 Portage St. The Noel Fine Art Center is on the campus of University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. There are entrances into the building on Portage St. and Isadore St.  There are elevators near two entrances. See map of UWSP Campus in attachment

 If requested, assistance will be available for Artist’s set-up, break down, unloading and loading and booth sitting


  • CHECK-IN- Please bring a copy of the artist info sheet to set-up. Check-in is upstairs at the information table in front of the Edna Carlsten Gallery on the second floor. Please sign up for a booth sitter if needed.

  • PARKING: Please move your vehicle to the farthest end of Parking Lot R across the street from the Noel Fine Art Building after load-in.  All parking is free.

  • ARTIST LOUNGE: This is located behind the Edna Carlsten Gallery in Room 290. Coffee and breakfast will be available at 7:30am. Complimentary lunch and snacks will be available from 11am-2pm. The lounge will close at 2pm for clean-up. Adjoining kitchen will be available for retreat and snacks until 4pm.

  • LIGHTING: Electrical hook ups are available for every space but please bring an extension cord. Please plug in your lights as soon as you can to make sure there are no problems. Our hired electrician will be available only from 8:30-10:30am. Wattage is limited to 500W.
  • ART RAFFLE:  If you are participating in the Art Raffle, Please take your piece if you would like to donate to the art raffle table by 9am upstairs by the Carlsten Gallery.  Your donation is greatly appreciated in helping fund awards for local fine art students.

  • FESTIVAL EVE BUFFET: All artists and their helpers are welcome to enjoy a buffet with fellow artists and sponsors at 6pm on Saturday April 7st. Dinner is held at The Newman Center, 2108 Fourth Ave in Stevens Point. Use Parking Lot T from Illinois Ave.  The Newman Center is at the opposite end of Parking Lot T, on the corner of Reserve Street and 4th Ave.

  • SALES TAX IS 5.5%. We are in Portage County. Artists are responsible for collection and reporting sales tax.

  • GIFT CERTIFICATES: Should you receive one of these several $50 gift certificates for the purchase of art please accept it and hold on to it until the end of the show. The floor manager Sharon Fujimoto will collect the gift certificates from the artists at 3:30pm and give artists a receipt to be reimbursed $50.  You will not get paid the day of the event.  All money has to go through the Community Foundation of Central WI because the Festival of the Arts is a non-profit organization. In 2-3 business days the CFCW will send you a check for $50.

  • WiFi: Artists may connect to the guest wireless network. This is not a secure connection and should not be used for credit card transactions.
    • Select UWSP_Unsecured_Guest from the list of available networks.
    • Click Connect
    • Attempt to navigate to any website
    • You will be redirected to the UWSP Guest Wireless Log on page
    • Enter a non-UWSP email address
    • Click Connect and you should be connected.
  • SURVEY: Please fill out the artist survey. We will collect surveys at 3:30, and in trade the artist will receive a sweet treat.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Please like us on Facebook.   username:@StevensPointFoA  or use hashtag #PointFoA, #StevensPointFoA, #PointFoa on Instagram.  ▪ A digital postcard (pdf and jpeg format) is in Artist Packet to use to help advertise our event.

  • Contact Jessie Fritsch at 715-252-4125 or if you have any further questions.

  • The 2019 Festival of the Arts date will be announced on Facebook and our website in the Fall.


Artist Awards: Juried by UW Fox Valley Professor Judith Waller

based on overall quality, not by category

  • one- Best of Show ($500)

  • five- Awards of Excellence($200)
  • five- Merit Invitational Awards. No cash award but invited to 2019 FoA